English, mathematics, language, history, science, and the visual and performing arts have specific requirements for graduation. 在选择超过要求的毕业水平的高级课程时, 尽可能把一门学科追求到最高水平是有益的. 学生应该尝试, therefore, to extend the study of mathematics through the Sixth Form and to establish the best background in language, history, science, 和创造性艺术,只要天赋和兴趣允许. Students should ascertain the special requirements of colleges and college programs of their choice.


从一种形式升级到另一种形式, 学生必须有足够的学分, 包括学生期望在未来几年挣到的钱, 达到毕业要求. 学生还必须满足以下描述的“质量要求”.
拿着文凭毕业, a student must earn a minimum of 18 credits in approved college preparatory courses, including English, 4 credits; mathematics: Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2, 3 credits; U.S. 历史和另一年的历史, 2 credits; two years of Latin or a modern language, 2 credits; two years of science, 2 credits; and visual and performing arts, 1 credit. 每个学生还必须满足下面描述的“质量要求”.
More typically, a graduate of Westminster has accumulated the following credits: English, 4 credits; mathematics, 4 credits; science, 3 credits; history, 3 credits, 其中一个在美国。.S. History; Latin or a modern language, 3 or 4 credits; creative arts, 1 credit; and electives, 3 credits.
The “Quality Requirement” for promotion and graduation: In order to earn a diploma as a Sixth Former or promotion as an underformer, 学生每年必须通过包括英语在内的四门专业课程, 平均成绩是70分.0. As a general expectation, all students are required to be enrolled in five full-credit courses. Any deviation from this requirement is allowed only by recommendation and approval from the Academic Office.


All academic departments offer Advanced Placement (AP) courses and examinations. Enrollment in Advanced Placement courses requires departmental permission and an average of 90 or above in the course preceding the Advanced Placement level. Students who score successfully on the examination may become eligible for advanced standing in many colleges and universities.
All Fourth and Fifth Form students enrolled in Advanced Placement courses are required to take the AP examination in that subject area. Sixth Form students, in consultation with their AP teacher, can opt out of taking the AP examination.

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Study Abroad

学生可选择 study abroad 在五年级或六年级的时候. Westminster students accepted by the prestigious School Year Abroad program, 在中国进行为期一年的学习和旅行, France, Italy, or Spain. Another option for study abroad is available through the equally prestigious English Speaking Union. 365平台大学的毕业生可在毕业后一年申请, 该项目允许学生在英国学习和旅行一年. 有关这些课程的建议由教务处提供, and admission is gained solely through the programs’ respective application processes.


Students in the 12th grade who will graduate from their high schools but feel an extra year of academic, athletic, artistic, 个人成长 and preparation before heading to college would be beneficial may apply for a postgraduate 在365平台的一年. Typically there are eight to 10 postgraduate openings each academic year.

The application process is the same as students applying for other grades except that candidates should submit the results of the SAT or ACT instead of the SSAT to fulfill the standardized testing requirement. Students who are accepted for a postgraduate (PG) year join Westminster’s Sixth Form and become members of the graduating class. 他们必须上六年级英语课, but there are no other requirements or coursework specifically designed for postgraduate students. Postgraduate students are expected to contribute to the school community with their leadership, involvement, and citizenship.

If they meet our graduation requirements they will receive a Westminster Diploma at Commencement, 否则,他们将获得结业证书.

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